Learn Marine Weather Forecasting

As mariners, we all need to learn marine weather forecasting.

Workshop & Manual: Learn Marine Weather Forecasting

With nearly two decades at sea, we learned how to interpret, adjust, prepare on every boating level, including the weather!

You must be able to interpret Synoptic charts for yourself.
You must be able to interpret Synoptic charts for yourself.

How do our manuals, our workshop help you.

We are cruisers, who have studied synoptic charts and audio forecasts for years. We came to understand the patterns of isobars, what those little kinks could mean for us, the Lows and Highs, Troughs, Cold and Warm Fronts.

So what we’ve done is condense that information.

The manual is not full of endless pages of technical data to overwhelm you. It is simply what we learned, both out on the oceans for years and studying and then teaching commercial skippers. Practical, down-to-earth information.

The videos (workshop) complements the manual but can be viewed standalone. You can sit back and let the information flow over you, or turn down the volume and read the text (on the video) – however, the audio does contain more information than just the words.

More information on Learn Marine Weather Forecasting

Here’s a bit about our thoughts on the weather, what to watch for, and what we did at sea for weather: click here to read.

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