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Self-Paced Courses – Collison Regulations (online)  

Lights and Shapes.

This workshop forms part of our Navigation Course. If you just want this section (Col Regs – Lights and Shapes) you are in the right place.

This course is great for revision or to commence your understanding of the Collision Regulations Lights and Shapes and give-way rules. We reveal our personal technique to remember the lights/shapes easily.
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What you get:

  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Video presentations take you through the key elements of lights and shapes
  • Practice quizzes
  • Our personal technique to help you remember the lights/shapes and build on that knowledge

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We learn to manoeuvre a car and the rules of the road on land, it’s the same for a boat.

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972, often abbreviated to Col Regs, are the worldwide rules of the road on the water.

The way I learned them

  • Combine patterns
  • Study the basics (port, starboard, stern light)
  • Study the sets that show ‘not under command’ and ‘restricted in ability to manoeuvre’, etc
  • Understand how they work when you put them together

That meant I didn’t have to remember every individual scenario but interpret what I saw by using the core knowledge and ‘sets’ of lights combined together. Read more here…