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Introduction to Marine Weather

Can you interpret Synoptic Charts and Observations, and then take appropriate action?

This course will prepare you for sea

Created by Recreational and Commercial skippers that have been forecasting on the high seas for over 20 years.

What's included?

* 21 Step-by Step Videos
* Quizzes
* Checklists, hints, tips, advice
* Study Online  –  At your own pace  –  In the comfort of your home
* Real and Relatable  –  Step-by-Easy -Step

Video presentations walk you through:
Introduction to weather
What is weather?
What causes weather?
Trade winds
Synoptic charts
Highs and lows
Cyclones/Tropical revolving storms: development and warning signs: action
Ridges, troughs, frontal depressions
Warm and cold fronts, occluded fronts: what does this mean to us?
Jet streams
Line squalls
Local weather patterns
Storm surge
Synoptic charts – forecast and a case study
Understanding the Barometer
Pressure and wind strength

7 QUIZZES: check your progress
21 VIDEOS: sit back and watch and learn
CHECKLIST: Cyclone Preparation (download)
ARTICLE: Interpret, adjust, prepare: forecasting
TIPS/TRICKS: What we learned to watch for with over 20 years on the water (what forecasters don’t mention!)
DISCOUNTED BOOK: Understand Weather – A Mariner’s Guide

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Skills and Preparation are your best tools
Knowledgable + Skilled + Confident = SAFE

*Real and Relatable
*Full Support

What others say

“This is exactly what we needed to get going.”

“This is so real and relatable”

“You’ve made a complex subject so simple and easy!”

“You’ve made a complex subject so simple and easy!”