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Free Training Shipboard Safety Skills Set

Open to everyone in NSW: This popular course is for those already working in maritime or those looking to start their career

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Elements of shipboard safety - safety skills set free training

Course Content and Duration

Over three days, the course includes face-to-face theory training in the classroom as well as practical elements:-
  *Donning a life jacket
  *Safety equipment checks
  *First extinguishers & hoses
  *Letting off flares
  *Abandon ship scenarios
  *Popping liferafts… and much more
The practicals are exciting. We will assist you with additional trainers and ensure you are safe and enjoy the day.

Fire Training

  • Operate portable fire fighting equipment. Water, CO2, dry chemical powder, foam, and Fire blanket
  • Operate fire hoses and extinguishers
  • Work as a team with assessments

Survival/Sea Survival

  • Lifejackets & Liferafts
  • Flares & Grab bags
  • Onboard drills
  • Emergency preparedness in all vessel emergencies
  • Safety equipment
Setting of flares - free training
Liferaft training - free

Work, Health and Safety requirements

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Code of Safe Working Practices
  • Observe and respond to safety and emergency operations
  • Identify and observe hazards, emergency alarms, and ways to control damage on board
  • Workplace practices aboard a commercial vessel

Shipboard Safety

  • Communication
  • Operate lifesaving/survival equipment; activate an EPIRB
  • Tasks aboard a liferaft or boat
  • Safety signs & abandon ship tasks

Great Savings for Future Study

  • Save $600 on future qualifications
  • Coxswains $3,390 to $2,790
  • General Purpose Hand $1,800 to $1,200

Highly Experienced Trainers

  • Over 80,000 nautical miles experience
  • Over 60 years experience
  • Award winning business
  • Award winning students
  • Read all about the SisterShip Training team here
How much sea time do I need?


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This training is proudly funded by the NSW Government