Understanding Weather The Mariner's Guide

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It can be a complex subject, so we have provided the basic study of weather from our international commercial and recreational, and teaching experience. These are notes and tips for you to consider during passage planning and when underway; across vast oceans for weeks on end or a day sail across a harbour.

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Ship's Log Book

$39.50 including P&H Australia wide
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A ship’s log book is a great way to recreate your journey, keep records and later, look back at what you have achieved. Your log book is an ally, and a travel companion. Think of it as a ‘good-seamanship’ task. The log book complements your journey and keeps the information and memories in a safe, and orderly fashion. Keeping a log book is good practice, professional, and could be a legal necessity if an incident is investigated. It’s a is a running record of all official events such as arrival and departure, communications, distance travelled, etc. Click here with your order details

Navigation equipment

Navigation Kit
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Full Kit:  $165.00 Portland plotter, Brass dividers, Pencil compass, Soft pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, all kept safe and protected from damage in a handy pouch.
Tools only: $126.50
Pouch only: $38.50 (Portland Plotter size)
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