Emergency Preparedness – What Would You Do?

You can book now for our nationwide workshops: Emergency Preparedness – What Would You Do?

We have presenters across Australia who are experienced mariners and presenters, armed with the best material created over a year, by international recreational and commercial Skippers, ready to support you.

Avoid this - but know what to do if there's no choice!
Avoid this – but know what to do if there’s no choice!

Who’s this course for?
This course is for anyone that wants to feel safe and confident on the water; Catamaran owners, monohull owners, motorboat owners. It’s about YOUR boat, and YOUR systems and equipment – it’s about YOU and YOUR crew.

Why is this course different from others?
We’ve done a lot of the work for you. As part of the workshop, you receive 2 manuals.

1) The first (colour, ring-bound) manual is packed full of information such as:
*considerations: Human, Boat, and External Factors
*step by step planning for different scenarios, complete with full guides
*equipment guides and information
*additional resources
*helping the rescuers help you, information from Marine Rescue Skippers and Rescue Pilots
*everything you need, right through to dealing with death on board

Emergency Response Manuals - we've done the work for you - just fill in the templates
Emergency Response Manuals – we’ve done the work for you – just fill in the templates

2) A ‘ready-to’go’ Safety Management System. Often people don’t know where to start. To collate ALL the safety procedures, equipment, instructions, and appropriate information is overwhelming. We’ve done all that for you! This display book contains Emergency information, procedure templates, and additional information. It’s ready to go, all you must do is fill in the blanks appropriate to YOUR boat and YOUR circumstances. And that’s where our facilitators guide and support you.

What else do I get?
As well as the two manuals, by the end of the day you will have your Emergency Procedures well underway, you receive around 5 hours of training, guidance, and support. Plus on-going support if you’d like it. As boaties, we like to share, we like to chat and explore new ideas. The workshops work this way. With teamwork in small groups, acting out scenarios, sharing, discussing, and then using the very best ideas, we create our procedures. BUT – uniquely, they are for YOUR vessel.

At the end of the day, you will leave with both manuals. One with an almost complete SMS for Emergency Procedures! There will still be a bit more work to do. But you will now be armed with templates and checklists that you simply fill in/draw in. You can utilise the vessel templates to draw in where your safety equipment is located, for example. Or study our example bilge or fuel system diagrams, then use the templates to create your own. We’ve made it easy for you. We’ve catered for monohulls and catamarans.

And there’s more!
We provide three website links. On each of those pages are:
1) Templates: copies of the templates we supply in the manual, and in addition, more templates where you can choose what you include in your folder, what’s relevant to you, and your circumstances. They are all in Word so you can adapt them if you want to make any alterations.
2) Handouts: for each topic we’ve created appropriate handouts. All the right information pertaining to each topic. Some of this information you may want in your main reference folder. Other information you may keep in an additional folder. You can pick and choose what you want/need. It’s all categorised per scenario. Which helps you tackle this step-by-step.
3) External links: The internet is awash with articles and opinions. We’ve taken our time to curate the very best articles that are relevant and factually correct! It’s quite something to read through some information that is untrue or misleading. So we’ve done our best to ensure the information is the best, relevant, and will help you be safe on board.

your mindset and preparation are your most powerful tools
your mindset and preparation are your most powerful tools

More questions?
Call or email: 0458 391 660  support@sistershiptraining.com or click here. 
We are not a faceless big city organisation. We are a small family business that prides itself on good support and communication. We listen to our customers and want them to receive value, support, and enjoy their boating lifestyle. Here’s a bit more about us (and more details on the hand-picked facilitator team, across Australia, coming soon).


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taking readiness to a new level
taking readiness to a new level

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