About our Courses

Our courses have been divided up into topics for two main reasons:

  1. Learners can become overwhelmed with information when receiving all the materials on all our courses (videos, books, handouts, articles, charts, and templates), all at once. Tackling a qualification step-by-step makes it feel easier
  2. Purchasing the course a topic at a time can help ease the financial burden as well. It’s a bit like buying a course in installments

Our Cruise Ready Bundle that includes the individually sold modules (Navigation, Passage Planning, Weather, and Col Regs) are the equivalent of a qualification, namely the Navigation module of Coxswains. All of these can lead to the Coxswains qualification.

This adds to your employment-related skills.

How are the courses designed?

Having taught commercial maritime at TAFE (after qualifying ourselves some years prior), and having worked with many other RTOs previously and currently, we are well versed in the content for qualification and this is what we base our learning material on.

Anyone can view the competencies here.

Benefits to You

This benefits you in two ways:
1) You receive industry-standard training

2) You are studying materials that add to your employability

3) You can receive recognition of prior learning (RPL) on these modules if you carry out further study.

If you are considering a career in maritime or would just like to build your own knowledge a step at a time, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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