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It is really all about you – but here’s a bit about us:


We are a husband and wife team. All our watery-life has been together, except for a few years (pre-wife), where Noel built boats and sailed a few oceans!

Now we combine our years of international recreational and commercial experience to demystify all things boating in a fun and logical way.

After all – a boat is a simple thing.

We share our experiences; in Navigation we turn paper-chart work into reality, and we explain the underlying reasons behind the processes and procedures through every element.

New skills breed confidence and go a long way to ensuring you stay safe on the water. That leads to becoming more relaxed while on board (it also helps combat seasickness!) and enjoying the cruising lifestyle more – that’s what we all want.

Jackie Parry Sailing Coach

After nine years of sailing around the world with her husband Noel, Jackie qualified as a commercial skipper. She is a Master 5, holds Master 4 qualification, Marine Engine Driver 3, ex-Marine Rescue Skipper (one of the first women in NSW), and current Instructor of professional and recreational level courses.
She’s a Cert 4 Trainer, commercial skipper, recreational sailor (ocean sailing and inland waterways on sailboats and motorboats), Author of practical maritime books/manuals/best-selling memoirs/articles, and Speaker at nautical and book events.
She founded SisterShip Training in 2019. She’s continued to write, freelance, for many different publications for over twenty years.
When time permits, she gives talks, hosts a podcast show (Turning Your Cruising Dreams into Reality), and, (Cast Off with Confidence), creates tutorial videos and supports other sailors and writers.
Jackie has spent three years in the French and Belgium canals helping Noel renovate their 18.5 metre Dutch barge, trail ridden with five horses, sailed the Pacific Ocean twice, traversed The Great Loop in America and set a sailing record as co-skipper of the first double-handed all-women team in the Melbourne to Hobart race.

Qualifications: Marine Engine Driver 3, Master 4  (35 metres), Master 5 (24 metres), Coxswain, Training and Assessment Cert IV, Diploma in Writing/Photography,  Occupational First Aid Skill Set, Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Provide basic emergency life support, Provide First Aid, Provide Advanced First Aid, Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy, Manage first aid services and resources, Remote First Aid, Marine Rescue Skipper, SCCCS (Safety & Sea Survival), STCW/CoST (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 and Certificate of Safety Training): Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Security Awareness Training.

Marine Surveyor, Commercial Skipper/Professional Mariner, ex-Marine Rescue Skipper, previous TAFE Maritime Teacher and current Instructor of Professional Level Courses (Navigation/ Passage Planning/Weather). Cert 4 Trainer, Recreational Sailor (ocean sailing around the planet, inland waterways, sailboats and motorboats), with Jackie (as above).

Qualifications: Marine Engine Driver 3, Master 4  (35 metres), Master 5 (24 metres), Coxswain, Training and Assessment Cert IV,  Provide First Aid, Marine Surveyor, Carpenter & Builder, Marine Rescue Skipper.

Noel Parry Skipper Skipper/Professional Mariner
15000 nautical miles
20000 nautical miles
50000 nautical miles recreational sailing
commercial skippers
qualified trainers
boating books
marine surveyor
training adult education


Are you a trainer with maritime qualifications/experience. Get in touch with us, SisterShip Training Licences now available. Our courses have been compiled from years on the world’s oceans and coastlines, years training commercial skippers and recreational boaters. Our courses are developed for reality for people entering the watery way of life as well as those needing a refresher. We do it differently and our courses are gaining attention! (Limited spaces available).

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