Useful Marine Weather Links

Our manual: The Mariner’s Guide: Understanding WEATHER contains many Useful Marine Weather Links

We’ve included the photos and links here to make access/viewing easier.

Useful Marine Weather Links

Marine Safety Five Vital Weather Checks

This article on clouds is courtesy of Viki Moore: It includes the photos (on clouds) that are in the manual

Wind is a direct result of heat from the sun.

The Coriolis Effect

East Coast Lows

Development of a Cyclone

Tracking a Cyclone

Cyclone Warning System: The BOM supplies Tropical Cyclone Threat Maps and Warning Messages

For more information, the Bureau of Meteorology and Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have produced a video on using VHF marine radio for weather information:

VHF Broadcasts by State and Territory Authorities

Full details: ACMA YouTube video (in collaboration with BOM)


Adjust, Interpret, and Prepare: Some forecasters can access more information than others. Different algorithms are used as are different forecasting models. Some apps will just churn out a computer model’s predictions, other apps will employ a meteorologist to correct and update these predictions (and some won’t). App creators choose what they show, some will simplify the information while others will include as much as they can. I’ve even read that the expectations of recipients can influence some forecasts!
Read the full article here.

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All being well we are coming to Melbourne for a Maritime Training Extravaganza and a Chat about our circumnavigation (1.5 times) – and our trip through Europe on an old Dutch Barge!

a talk on living on board and circumnavigating
a talk on living on board and circumnavigating

Click here for the training event details.

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