Thank you! Please read all the instructions and follow them carefully.

You can download the game by clicking here.

Once downloaded, to launch the game click on “boatPrototype.exe”

When you’ve launched the game click on “Follow the Path” the boat won’t move from the start position until you start operating it using the controls.


W = Forward/Making way
A = Turning to Port
D = Turning to Starboard
S = Astern propulsion (Reverse)

-ESC to Quit
-Follow the deepest channel from start to finish
-Reach the End
-Tell us what you learned!

It is probably easier (for you) to print the chart and control instructions (scroll down to print).

Imagine you are on a boat with the chart on your nav table and you are helming the boat (on screen). All you need to do is take the boat from the start point to the end and keep to the middle of the channel. This is a very basic sample to gauge your interest. You may see some other boats though!

Navigation chart

To PRINT Boat Control Instructions click here
To PRINT chart click here

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