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Introduction to Coastal Navigation


“Jackie has broken down very complicated content and presented it in a logical sequence. Well done!”

“Jackie is super, knowledgeable and very informative, great at explaining. Thanks for a wonderful weekend, I’ll be looking forward to your next course!”


“This session was FANTASTIC!!!”

“Thank you for such an enjoyable and comprehensive course.”

“The manual is fantastic!”

“Last week, I completed my five-day RYA Day Skipper Practical with EastSail in Sydney. They say it is a prerequisite to have done their ten-week RYA Day Skipper shore-based course but I decided to sign up regardless. I was worried I wouldn’t know enough so I went through all my notes from your course beforehand and also read through the Tides handout that you produced. Well, I shouldn’t have worried! I knew as much as anyone else on the boat, and your little tricks like Can Dead Mean Vote Twice and CADET, and the rule of twelfths, meant that I could do passage planning with confidence. I think it was partly that we did so many practical things in the face to face course with you, and you really focussed on the important bits. It was so much better than having to tackle an online RYA course by myself, you presented things in a really straightforward manner, it was much more affordable, the notes are really useful to refer to afterwards, and I got to meet other women, sailors, too.”


“Jackie is a wonderful woman, the confidence I have gained through their nav course has given me the strength to continue my dream of sailing. I cannot thank these forward-thinking team enough. Top marks to you both!”

“Thank you Jackie. An informative and comprehensive weekend with practical information and theory.”

“Very enjoyable couple of days. It’s a great opportunity to meet other women sailors – well done!”

“So comfortable. A very reassuring, friendly and encouraging learning environment. I had a great time and learning experience – THANK YOU!”

“Great weekend, thank you Jackie. I came hoping to learn the basics of navigation. This has been exceeded, I feel so much more confident. A great group of girls too!”

“I learnt so much & met some lovely ladies. Great weekend all round. Thanks Jackie.”


Partnership Training

“Your training has helped me a) one day while fishing the drum canyons wide of Jervis Bay, out of sight of land we had a GPS unit fail and because of my navigational training I was confident in picking a compass heading and making our way home safely. b) I have found just generally being able to read the weather helps in making decisions to go or not and when to head home.” Rob.G

“Without you helping us we would have never gone anywhere. It gave us the confidence to avoid danger and be proactive in situations. The value lies in recognition of potential dangers so that you avoid catastrophe. The skills you actually learn would probably save you.” G and J Mc.


“Learning all the symbols on the chart and now being able to identify ships on night watch has helped prevent close quarters situations onboard our catamaran.” M.B.

“We are definitely safer [on the water], now we know the deviation for our boat and how to apply it.” C.V.

 “I feel much safer (and better equipped) knowing more of the navigational aids.” M.G.

 “Loved your [navigation] course – going to make full use of it going to Noumea next month. M.G.

 “…the information I received [from Jackie and Noel] was and is invaluable. Understanding how to navigate to a set destination, reading and applying wind, currents etc, weather conditions, avoiding hazards, ie collisions, running aground etc, maintaining a vessel to keep it shipshape, lights, ropes, man overboard and much much more. Very few days do I not learn something on the water as I see some crazy things happen as almost anyone can skipper boats of all sizes with nothing more than a standard boat licence and not really knowing much at all. The water, whether it be inshore or offshore can be a very dangerous place and the course I did set me up with a wealth of knowledge. I am a much better mariner for doing the navigation courses, learnt too many things to list and Jackie and Noel were excellent teachers. All boaties should do a similar course for the same reasons I have mentioned. Safe Boating All, Robert Johnson.


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