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Lisa Blair – Master Class

Offshore Masterclass

Presented by Lisa Blair in partnership with Pacific Sailing School and SisterShip Training and SisterShip Magazine

Lisa Blair and SisterShip Master Class

This one-day masterclass is drawing on the unique offshore skills that Lisa had developed while she sailed solo around Antarctica and around Australia.  Lisa will be sharing her firsthand account of her demasting, building a jury rig, and transferring fuel from a container ship as well as storm survival techniques such as use of drogues and heaving-to.

Lisa will share her risk assessment and disaster management and use of various equipment that aided her in her voyages.  This is a first-person account offering a wealth of knowledge that can be applied as a guideline to personal cruising and keep your vessel and your crew safe on an ocean voyage.


Topics to be covered are:

Understanding your vessel and its strength or limitations,

Ways of communication at sea including satellite systems,

Food preparation for an extended voyage,

Risk assessment of your vessel and voyage,

Using your risk assessment to design your preparation plan or refit schedule,

Storm management and preparation,

Use of different drogues and how to set up your vessel to use a drogue,

How to heave too and the effects on your vessel while heaving too in storm conditions,

Planning for all disaster scenarios including knock down, collision, demasting, flooding, loss of rudder, severe storms, and abandon ship.

Managing a demasting, ways to remove mast and what equipment options work or don’t work,

Discussion on building a jury rig and options for this,

Conducting a fuel transfer at sea in rough conditions,

Managing a flood or broken through-hull fitting,

Ways to patch damage to hull as a temporary measure,

Finishing with an open discussion.

*Photo taken by Dean Coopman

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