Refunds/Waiver & Policies

Please ensure you read the waiver document and refund policies (different refund policies apply).

In booking and paying for the course you are confirming you have read and understood our waiver policy and refund policies (relevant to your course).

Everyone must read this: SST Waiver Document Sept 22 all training website copy

Refund Policy
All F2F courses (excluding Boat Licence), REFUNDS F2F COURSES
Boat Licence/PWC only (RMS/Services course), REFUNDS boat licence
All online courses, REFUNDS ONLINE COURSES’

Additional items for First Aid

Please carefully READ the following points prior to booking:

  1. You must complete the online (theory) component PRIOR to attending the practical session at Brogo. If you have not completed the theory you will be unable to complete the practical.
  2. There is full support for this course. You can call or email us anytime (unlimited) to help you with the quizzes if necessary – (just as you do with face-2-face training, except you study from the comfort of your home).
  3. You MUST view the instructional video and READ the email we send with instructions (once your booking is confirmed). It will answer all your questions to commence the theory part of the course. It will save us all time if you invest just a few minutes at the start.
  4. Set aside time each day to gradually work through the theory section. DO NOT leave it until the last minute. If you cannot complete the courses on time, we can only move you to another date if  (1) you supply notification and evidence of an unavoidable emergency preventing you attending (2) we have the space on the requested date. We keep the fees to a minimum and our assessment groups to a minimum to help you have the best experience. If you need to change a date and we can’t fill your spot it makes it hard to maintain this, and you have prevented someone else coming along. There is a $50 admin charge to change dates.
  5. Please read our policy on refunds by clicking here, and selecting “REFUNDS ONLINE COURSES”. If you are opting for the ‘blended’ course option this is NOT less work than the face-2-face course, you are making a commitment to fulfill your obligations to complete the theory prior to the practical. Be sure you can prior to booking.
  6. Please note: if you fail to turn up for the practical session without any notification, there will be an additional fee of $65 to join another session. If we are booked out you may have to wait until we have space. When you don’t turn up you have taken someone else’s place that we were not able to fill.

You can read our privacy policy here.

You can read our DCMA Process(Digital Millenium Copyright Act) here.

You can read our Use of Website T&Cs here

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