Self-Paced Courses – Introduction to Weather

This workshop forms part of our Navigation Qualification. It’s a great introduction and foundation to weather

What you get:

  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Video presentations taking you through:
    • Introduction to weather
    • What is weather?
    • What causes weather?
    • Trade winds
    • Clouds
    • Synoptic charts
    • Isobars
    • Highs and lows
    • Cyclones/Tropical revolving storms: development and warning signs: action
    • Ridges, troughs, frontal depressions
    • Warm and cold fronts, occluded fronts: what does this mean to us?
    • Jet streams
    • Line squalls
    • Local weather patters
    • Storm surge
    • Synoptic charts – forecast and a case study
    • Barometer
    • Pressure and wind strength

7 QUIZZES to test your knowledge step-by-step
21 VIDEOS, sit back and watch and learn
CHECKLIST – Cyclone Preparation (download)
ARTICLE – Interpret, adjust, prepare: forecasting
TIPS/TRICKS – what we learned to watch for with over 20 years on the water
DISCOUNTED BOOK: Understand Weather – A Mariner’s Guide

If you’d like to book the full the navigation course, which includes (with Navigation) Weather, Passage Planning, and Col Regs – at a discounted price Click here.

OR just book the Weather section for now – Introductory Offer: $14.99  Take this course