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Refined Wayfarers

or… having good stuff on the boat! If you’d like to listen to this story, click here. “I refuse to go sailing unless I can have a fresh water shower every day!” The schoolmistress voice sent shudders through my bones, “lord knows how her husband deals with this”, I thought. I am being unfair; we …

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Five Capital Experiences

If you’d like to listen to this story click here for the podcasts. With a hankering for small villages, we still savor the animation big cities and their inhabitants offer.  These thoughts lead us back into a conglomerate of memories; here are a few, from deck level.   San Juan, Puerto Rico Our history lesson …

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Fear is a Funny Thing!

You can listen to this story here, on the podcast show Turning Your Cruising Dreams into Reality. Recently, in the midst of teeth grinding fear I realised it was not the event itself causing my sleepless nights it was the lead up to it. It was the ‘what ifs’ that stirred up those little fear …

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Selling a Boat? Buying a Boat?

Set Sail Along the Rocky Path of Selling You can listen to this story via our Podcast Show: Turning Your Cruising Dreams into Reality – brought to you by Pantaenius Yacht Insurance. Receiving personal opinions like blows from a knuckle-duster; suffering to incurable pedantry, munching through nuances and perennial laments (ours!). What an earth am …

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Good Captains Train

Are you a good skipper or a bad skipper?   I enjoy social media. Especially the boating groups – there is always such great information at hand. Negativity I scroll past the negativity but I do read about everything boating. You learn from the good advice as well as the bad – the trick is …

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Do You Understand Storms?

Storm Preparation Guide: Part one If you are heading into a storm, you need to prepare. We’ll be providing checklists and considerations in the coming weeks. Part one of Understanding Storms is about tracking them and avoiding the worst. Weather: you must obtain weather forecasts from different sources if possible. Synoptic charts are important to …

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Onboard Communication

Good communication is key in relationships, business, and on board your boat. Without good, solid communication relationships crumble, businesses fail, and boats, well it will become dangerous! Where are we? Our first foray into Moreton Bay, Noel and I checked each marker diligently. “Have you seen the green marker of the next channel?” I asked. …

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