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Forecasting Marine Weather: Barometers

As mariners, we have to be weather forecasters as well. A recent article on The Very First Weather Forecast inspired me to share a little about Forecasting Marine Weather: Barometers. Except: “Robert FitzRoy published his first weather report in 1861. It was largely accurate.” And he didn’t have all the gizmos and doohdads we have today! …

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Boat Maintenance: Preventative and Corrective

A big part of owning a boat is the maintenance. Here we’ll have a quick look at the different types of Boat Maintenance: Preventative and Corrective. Planned Maintenance Effective planning: Ensure that the vessel, its mechanical systems, and its services are functioning correctly and are properly maintained. Includes engine maintenance, hauling out, battery checks., etc. …

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Useful Marine Weather Links

Our manual: The Mariner’s Guide: Understanding WEATHER contains many Useful Marine Weather Links We’ve included the photos and links here to make access/viewing easier. Useful Marine Weather Links Marine Safety Five Vital Weather Checks This article on clouds is courtesy of Viki Moore: It includes the photos (on clouds) that are in the manual Wind …

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Learnings on our Circumnavigation

The SisterShip team is coming to Melbourne! Planned for 2021 (Covid permitting!) – 2nd full week in August. **POSTPONED – NEW DATES COMING SOON – SUBSCRIBE HERE – OR – FOLLOW HERE TO RECEIVE UPDATES** Training Extravaganza and evening talk, “Learnings on our Circumnavigation” About us T&C Disclaimer 1) ALL IN Training Package $710 Includes: …

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Join us in Diverse San Francisco with (near) Calamities in California

Here’s a fun adventure. Join us in Diverse San Francisco with (near) Calamities in California. We had just purchased our new (to us) boat. If you prefer to listen to this story, click here for Turning Your Cruising Dreams into Reality Podcasts. It crept stealthily, silently blanketing everything in its path. It looked soft, but …

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