Emergency Preparedness Workshops: Meet the Facilitators: Jackie Parry

I am introducing me! Emergency Preparedness Workshops: Meet the Facilitators: Jackie Parry.

You may have read our ‘About Us’ but if not, I hope to present in Eden and invite those in Victoria to come up – if enough people are interested I could move the venue down nearer The Lakes if it helps.
Here’s the link to my bio (you’ll see Noel’s too). I am super proud of this Workshop. Nothing like this exists at the moment, it’s a new concept that does so much of the work for you. The presenters facilitate the Workshops and guide participants through the process (we have all trained together to ensure national alignment) and it’s YOUR expertise that is the final touch. Your Emergency Response Manual will be for you, your boat, and your crew, with the best information and procedures from a team at your workshop.

If you have any questions about the Workshop, contents, materials, I am always happy to chat: 0458 391 660, or email if you prefer, by clicking here.

You can book to attend Jackie’s Workshop here, on 26th March in Eden (and/or possibly further south), and on the same link, you can register your interest in further Workshops (at the bottom).

If you’d like to go back to the overall presenters’ map/location, click here.

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Who’s this course for?
This course is for anyone that wants to feel safe and confident on the water; Catamaran owners, monohull owners, motorboat owners. It’s about YOUR boat, and YOUR systems and equipment – it’s about YOU and YOUR crew. Read more here.
Emergency Preparedness Workshop

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