This is how we do it on this boat…

“There are many ways to do things on a boat but this is how we do it on this boat.” This is a good phrase for new people joining your boat.

Every boat is different. We all have different levels of capabilities, as do our crew. We sail in different areas, and we all carry different equipment.

This is why, no matter what level your new guests/crew are at, you must provide a safety briefing.

The amount of information you provide is up to you. You can give an overview and then hand them your Emergency Response Manual.

Wait? What?! I’m not writing a manual!
You don’t have to. We’ve written it for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks to create a manual that is specifically for your boat, your crew, and for you.

We’ve supplied templates (that you can download and adjust if you wish), handouts with information pertinent to each emergency scenario, and on top of that, curated articles that will help, no overload you just with a deluge of words and information.

Every participant receiveds two manuals (discount for second person if you are on the same boat and only need one set)
Every participant receiveds two manuals (discount for second person if you are on the same boat and only need one set)

Standing Orders
On commercial vessels, we have Standing Orders. These are basically the rules when underway, e.g.
1) Wake me if a vessel comes within 2 nautical miles.
2) Wake me if the weather changes
3) Wake me if you are unsure of ANYTHING.

Our Theory
Our motto, onboard, was that it is far better to be woken up several times than to wake up treading water, when it’s too late!


Never ever become angry when a crew member wakes you up. If you do, they may hesitate next time – when they really need help. Once again, it is better to be woken up by a crew member than to wake up treading water.

Emergency Response Workshops
During our workshops you can work with like-minded people, in teams, to brainstorm the best procedures. Learn-discuss-share. Then compare your information with our experts’. We have a brilliant team of facilitators, around Australia, that are knowledgeable, trained, and ready to guide you through the process, so you leave the workshop with your Emergency Response Manual well underway.

For more information on the Workshops click here.

Our presenters all have in-depth maritime and facilitating experience. We are collaborating and working together to ensure that we achieve and meet a national standard of alignment that SisterShip Training works by, for all our courses.

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