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Design Skills – teach them, nurtue them

Recently we ran a program to help young people develop tools for resilience. Goodness knows we could all use those tools!

The Program

The program included a day on the water on a fabulous sailboat, writing tips and skills, and photography tips and skills. And what we saw develop was overwhelming.

Why run this program

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Not just combining my skills (sailing, writing, photography) but supporting young people. I had a great upbringing but I still struggled with my emotions and feelings and writing helped me cope. I found it cathartic; a way of emptying my head; finding freedom.


I am not a great designer, but I love Canva. Most of our participants have dabbled in Canva, but we introduced it to the others. And very quickly everyone was designing. Here’s one example:

students using canva
students using canva

With a few clicks, two participants created this page.


Not just the easy, quick, and painless way this was designed, but we gently encouraged students to collaborate. It’s hard-working with someone you don’t know but Canva makes it easy as a central focus.

Another Win

Not only are we building resilience, but we are also teaching new skills and the value of collaboration and if we are lucky, new friendships!



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