knowledge is power we must learn about our equipment

Knowledge is Power

As we create more workshops that combine our recreational and commercial boating experience, it becomes more and more obvious that Knowledge is Power. Cruising successfully isn’t just luck it takes planning and preparation. We prepare the boat and its systems, we buy safety equipment and merrily go on our way thinking we are ready! But …

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Emergency Preparedness – What Would You Do?

Previous Next Other courses WeatherPassage PlanningNavigationCol RegsMarine Radio Who’s this course for? This course is for anyone that wants to feel safe and confident on the water; Catamaran owners, monohull owners, motorboat owners. It’s about YOUR boat, and YOUR systems and equipment – it’s about YOU and YOUR crew. Emergency Preparedness – What Would You …

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Australian Navigation Charts

The Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) is phasing out the paper-planning charts (chart indexes) Aus5000 and AUS5001 in 2022, all Australian navigation charts can be viewed here. It’s a great way to view up-to-date charts, and it makes it easy to view the charts needed for your voyage, assisting with Passage Planning. The AHO state: The …

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Onboard Communication

Good communication is key in relationships, business, and on board your boat. Without good, solid communication relationships crumble, businesses fail, and boats, well it will become dangerous! Where are we? Our first foray into Moreton Bay, Noel and I checked each marker diligently. “Have you seen the green marker of the next channel?” I asked. …

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Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds – Decimalise Example

Conversions If you are calculating the time you will arrive at your destination, you would use the Speed, Distance, Time formula. To enable the use of a calculator we must convert the minutes (or seconds as per the example) to a decimal. Once calculated, the navigator would not say, “We will arrive in 3.5 hours, …

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The Great Circle

The Great Circle is the largest circle that can be drawn around the Earth’s sphere. When cutting a sphere exactly in half you have cut along one of its great circles. All Meridians are great circles. The Equator is a great circle (i.e. cutting the Earth in half). Great circles are useful in planning routes …

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