Proud Boating Industry Association Members

SisterShip Training team is a proud member of the Boating Industry Association.

Here at SisterShip Training we are big on supporting recreational boaters as well as commercial boaters. Safety is our theme, if you’ve purchased the boat and all the gear, you need to keep that boat in good order, be safe, understand how to use all the equipment.

That’s what we are here for and that is why we are proud Boating Industry Association members.

Proud Boating Industry Association Members
Our Courses

Here’s an example of one of our popular courses. There is no course like this, it is adapted to be about you and your boat. It is thought provoking and does a deep dive into your systems, your approach and your set up. Emergency Preparedness Course, click here.

The idea is to enjoy your boating lifestyle to the fullest. That means feeling safe, to feel safe you must have a good understanding of the entire vessel. This builds confidence and creates a win/win situation. We all pay a lot (financially) to go boating, so why not make the best of it!

Emergency Preparedness workshops

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More about us

Now we combine our years of international recreational and commercial experience to demystify all things boating in a fun and logical way.

After all – a boat is a simple thing.

We share our experiences; in Navigation we turn paper-chart work into reality, and we explain the underlying reasons behind the processes and procedures through every element.

New skills breed confidence and go a long way to ensuring you stay safe on the water. That leads to becoming more relaxed while on board (it also helps combat seasickness!) and enjoying the cruising lifestyle more – that’s what we all want.


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