Inspiring Adventurer Talks: Lisa Blair

Lisa Blair took time out to visit Batemans Bay Sailing Club and held almost 100 people captivated as her inspiring adventure talk took us all on a breathtaking journey.

Lisa Blair Talks
Lisa Blair Talks


If you get the chance, go listen to Lisa. Not only will she confound you with her abilities:

“I had no choice, I couldn’t launch the liferaft no one would reach me in time in these temperatures, I had to build a mast”.

Think about that last sentence and read it again. Now imagine sitting on the deck alone at night, cutting away the mast and rigging debris, then trying to build a jury-rigged mast with the boom.

Batemans Bay Sailing Club

They really know how to put on an evening, drinks, nibbles and a perfect venue for us all to sit together and gasp. The Club presented Lisa with a necklace with the Lat/Long of where she was (during her record around Antarctica) on International Women’s Day. A duplicate necklace was raffled… It was a wonderful surprise when she drew out my ticket (without looking), and I proudly wear the meaningful jewellery, made by the skillful Celia Davey (fellow sailor).

What’s Next for Lisa Blair?

Well, my ears curled, I frowned, laughed and felt a little sick as Lisa listed the record attempts and challenges ahead. If you think sailing around Antarctica, alone and unassisted…. and the fastest, was a crazy thing to do, you’d better buckle up! Please support her where you can, she not only provides us with breathtaking adventure stories, but she is helping to save our planet!

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