reviews and testimonials SisterShip Training

Testimonials Maritime Training

We pride ourselves on adapting our training to suit everyone’s needs, we all learn differently, and this is where we shine, as proven in our Testimonials of maritime Training.

“I completed the Radio course with Jackie from little to no experience. The content was easy to follow and very interesting. The delivery of the review helped me feel relaxed before the exam too. Highly recommend!”

“Great learning method, many practice questions to test my knowledge so I felt ready to perform well in the test and to operate a marine radio, Jackie was supportive and helpful at all times. I’m so impressed by this learning style that I’ve now booked in for 4 more courses which I can’t wait to immerse myself in!”

reviews and testimonials SisterShip Training
reviews and testimonials SisterShip Training

“Jackie is an exceptional trainer and made the process of obtaining my LROCP easy. Her content is clear and easy to understand covering all of the key points. Her communication is exceptional and she went out of way to ensure I was fully prepared and comfortable with content prior to my examination. Highly recommend. Exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced trainer!”

“Achieved my Radio Licence thanks to Jackie for the superb materials, practice questions and hands on expertise and guidance – thank you!”

“I have so much more confidence on the water now that I did my Boat training with Sistership Training.
The course was structured really well and it exceeded my expectations. I would definitely would recommend to anyone.”

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Now we combine our years of international recreational and commercial experience to demystify all things boating in a fun and logical way.

After all – a boat is a simple thing.

We share our experiences; in Navigation we turn paper-chart work into reality, and we explain the underlying reasons behind the processes and procedures through every element.

New skills breed confidence and go a long way to ensuring you stay safe on the water. That leads to becoming more relaxed while on board (it also helps combat seasickness!) and enjoying the cruising lifestyle more – that’s what we all want.

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