A Year Worth Celebrating

It’s been a huge year for the SisterShip Training team; it’s certainly a year worth celebrating. Some of our Achievements in 2021 Finalist in the business awards NSW, recognised for our success, growth, resilience, and entrepreneurship. More info. Became an authorised Nominated Representative of The Learning Professionals RTO Approved by NSW Maritime to provide boat …

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Where Diligence, Preparation, and Training Pays Off!

This is why we’ve written our Emergency Preparedness course, because being diligent, carrying out preparation, and completing training pays off. Where Diligence, Preparation, and Training Pays Off! – What Happened? The steering failed and the conditions heightened A drogue was deployed to slow them down and stabilise the vessel They had already raised the alarm …

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Excited adrenaline sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - our thoughts were firmly in the moment here!

Passage Planning like a Pro

Our Passage Planning (Float Plan) workshop is extremely popular. Once you’ve worked through the step-by-step workshop you will be able to Passage Plan like a Pro! Passage Planning what one couple thought… Wise Words Before reading their comments, keep in mind this quote: “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If …

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Cold Water Shock – More Dangerous than Hypothermia?

We usually think about lifejackets, EPIRBS, and personal locator beacons with a person overboard. We think that our equipment will save us, and it often will help. But it may shock you to know that drownings can occur even if a lifejacket is worn. Here we’ll look at Cold Water Shock – more dangerous than …

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Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Women’s participation in business is in the spotlight this week with November 19 marking Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Happy women’s entrepreneurship day. The global day aims to recognise and support women in business, who continue to be underrepresented as founders. I wish all women – Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Actually, I wish everyone who is an …

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Australian Navigation Charts

The Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) is phasing out the paper-planning charts (chart indexes) Aus5000 and AUS5001 in 2022, all Australian navigation charts can be viewed here. It’s a great way to view up-to-date charts, and it makes it easy to view the charts needed for your voyage, assisting with Passage Planning. The AHO state: The …

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Maritime First Aid Course

Our new Maritime First Aid course is coming soon. Not only do you qualify as a first aider, but we teach you all about handling an emergency at sea. Sample of topics include: Equipment used in remote or isolated sites, and what factors affect the choice of use Management options – casualty transport in remote …

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