Connecting Women With Trades Free-Funded Maritime Program

We are closer to launching our new program Connecting Women with Trades Program Free Funded Maritime Program

This project is funded under the grant program by Trade Pathways Program – Training Services NSW


Dates will be confirmed soon, but don’t despair if you can’t make all the dates, we have a lot of flexibility.

We have lots of flexibility

What happens if I can’t get to every session?

We have you covered. For the training, it’s possible to do most of it online or via a manual at home. Of course, it is far better to do it in a class, together, but it is still achievable from home for the most part.

What about the practical elements?

You will need to attend the practical training/assessments for the accredited training in order to receive your certificates. This is usually completed in one day.

Other Training

As well as accredited training, there is general training on navigation, weather, and radio operation. These are based on the actual qualification so if you do continue with your study, you are way in front!

Click here for images from last year’s Program.

The non-accredited training is excellent, and based on accredited training it provides the perfect foundation to continue your study


A MentorShip Program will run for four months (program length). With online guests, check-ins, support, etc. Not to be missed! Previous alumni will join in to share their experiences as well.

Boat Experience

We are teaming up with Svitzer, Marine Police, and Marine Rescue to provide a range of experience on a range of boats. All being well there will be a rather nice sailboat for a fantastic sailing experience in Eden Harbour.


There is a demand for General Purpose Deckhands, not just nationwide, but in our region. Coming along to this program will provide you with a good portion of the General Purpose Hand qualification. But there are so many other professionals needed onboard.

You may want to become:

  • A marine radio operator with Marine Rescue
  • Marina personal (Marina is coming to Eden)
  • Maritime Administration
  • Helping hand on oyster leases
  • Trainer

Or working the deck or on the helm

  • Workboat General Purpose Hand
  • Coxswains

Working on Boats

  • Super Yacht crew
  • Surveyor
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Maintenance
  • Slipway operator

Investing in Eden

Potentially billions are being invested in Eden in the coming years. Our area will need many professional mariners of every level, for a variety of roles. Now’s the time to start studying.

Potentially billions are being invested in Eden

now is the time to upskill!

Career and Upskilling

So, if you are thinking of a change of career, and something boatie takes your fancy. Come and join in. If you want to upskill with any of the above in mind for now or in the future, come and chat with us.

What if I am retired?

If you aren’t thinking of finding employment/a career with boats right now, chat with us anyway. There are programs within programs here. I (Jackie) am super supportive of everyone who wants to gain maritime knowledge.


We are creating a supportive maritime community. Face-2-face and online. There’ll be check-ins on Zoom (ask me anything!), where we can support each other.

Open up your world

Those little creeks that you drive past, join to larger rivers, which flood into the sea…. the ocean… the world. The opportunities are endless.


BTW if you’ve read this much – well done. There may be one or two spots for males. We’ve yet to clarify which modules they can join in with, but there are definitely some openings. So, kudos to you for reading on…. Contact Jackie directly for more information: 0458 391 660

More about us, click here.



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