Flexible Free Maritime Training: Beginners Welcome

Come and have some fun and learn about boats. All you need is to be interested in what goes on in the maritime world! We are now starting in June. And the program is super flexible.

free boating course

What’s Happening in this Maritime Program?

The training commences on the 2nd of June and will run fortnightly thereafter for about 8 weeks, this will include some marine business site visits to meet those already in the industry. We will also have some practical experience on different boats.

There is an additional 8 weeks of webinars and support: mostly on Zoom with guest speakers. We will also have a safe, private platform to come together to support each other, elaborate on some of the training, upload useful documents/notes, and check in with each other. 

You don’t need to purchase any specific PPE or books, or even pens. We supply everything you need. Just bring your lunch along.

Safety Survival Skills Set

If you don’t meet the Smart and Skilled criteria for the Safety Skills Set (the accredited training), we may be able to run it on a fee-for-service basis. We are currently trying to organise this. So don’t be put off, chat with us. (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, Survival Skills, WHS).

Sea Survival and Fire Fighting

The Safety Skills Set is the very foundation of ALL maritime qualifications. If you want to skipper a boat, be the deckhand or only fix engines on board, everyone must have these qualifications. They are a perfect stepping stone to launch your maritime career. Every employer in the maritime industry will seek people with these qualifications.

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