Annabel Stewart our Hervey Bay Facilitator

Emergency Preparedness Workshops – Meet the Facilitators: Annabel Stewart

We continue to introduce our Presenters for the forthcoming Emergency Preparedness Workshops – Meet the Facilitators: Annabel Stewart.

Annabel comes from a sailing family and spent family holidays aboard the family Contessa 32 around the UK, France and Channel Islands.

In her 20s and 30s she Annabel Stewart our Hervey Bay Facilitatorworked on boats, logging 20,000 NM in a variety of positions, including several Atlantic crossings, one as skipper.

Vessels vary from a Swan51 racing the circuit, to a stately privately owned 50M luxury motor yacht.  She worked mainly on the Mediterranean-Caribbean circuit but her work also took her iceberg spotting in Alaska, bommy-spotting in the Maldives and standing pirate watch whilst transiting the Suez Canal with armed ex-Navy Seals.  Annabel has had close encounters with container vessels in the foggy North Atlantic, bent a prop in the Saigon River and been becalmed without means of propulsion in the busy entrance to the Port of Gibraltar.

You can book to attend Annabel’s Workshop by clicking here, for 20th March in Hervey Bay.

After settling in Australia with a fellow sailor, they managed a few years land-based in Airlie Beach where they started their family, before selling up and sailing the Queensland Coast with their two young daughters in their 50ft steel ketch.

Annabel and her family are currently living in Hervey Bay, and are under oath to not go sailing again until their daughters have finished High School.

When not climbing, paddling or hiking across K’Gari (Fraser Island) with like-minded souls, Annabel can be found giving creative arts workshops and paint parties in her garden studio.

She is delighted and honoured to be delivering this course.

Annabel is a qualified Yachtmaster Ocean.


Creative Arts:

Women Who Adventure:

You can book to attend Annabel’s Workshop by clicking here, for 20th March in Hervey Bay, and on the same link, you can register your interest in further Workshops (at the bottom).

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Who’s this course for?
This course is for anyone that wants to feel safe and confident on the water; Catamaran owners, monohull owners, motorboat owners. It’s about YOUR boat, and YOUR systems and equipment – it’s about YOU and YOUR crew. Read more here.

Emergency Preparedness Workshop

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