Accredited Navigation Course Bundle – What You Get

Accredited Navigation Course Bundle – What You Get


You receive full support from someone who understands what it is like to enter the boating/cruising world during adulthood, during big life changes and events. Click here for some tips.

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So here’s what you get.

Accredited Navigation Course Bundle – What You Get
34 step by step videos

Passage Planning

  • Step-by-step we go through the processes and procedures to create a Passage Plan
  • Sample Passage Plan
  • Passage Plan Template
  • Samples from a Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Safety Management System Template
  • Navigation techniques for quick and easy position checking en route.
  • 5 QUIZZES – step by step to check your progress
  • 5 CROSSWORDS – a fun way to test your knowledge
  • BOOKLET – Tides, Under Keel Clearance
  • 20 VIDEOS – sit back and learn
  • Navigation reminders (video):
    Plotting, bearings, Notices to Mariners, 3-bearing fix, transits, bearings, soundings, DR, EP
    Free Surface Effect
  • Fuel calculations
  • Crew responsibilities and watches
  • Chart details and planning
  • Appraisal, planning, execution, and monitoring

Passage Plan Example
Passage Plan Template
The Theory of Tides Booklet
Check list before sailing
Cyclone Preparation
Daily checks when underway
Date Log regular checks when underway
HF Radio Stations from BOM
Info – compass to true and true to compass reminders
Info – speed, distance, time
Info – formula and useful information
Info – Mayday calling procedure
Info – Mayday – Pan Pan – Securite
Log Engine Oil
Navigation check list
Night Watch tips
Personal Items
Routine checks
Safety Management Systems Template/samples
Example of SMS SOPS (Standard Operational Procedures)
Safety Environment – Sample
Emergency Procedures – Sample
Responsibilities and Authorities – Sample


  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Video presentations taking you through:
    • Introduction to weather
    • What is weather?
    • What causes weather?
    • Trade winds
    • Clouds
    • Synoptic charts
    • Isobars
    • Highs and lows
    • Cyclones/Tropical revolving storms: development and warning signs: action
    • Ridges, troughs, frontal depressions
    • Warm and cold fronts, occluded fronts: what does this mean to us?
    • Jet streams
    • Line squalls
    • Local weather patters
    • Storm surge
    • Synoptic charts – forecast and a case study
    • Barometer
    • Pressure and wind strength

7 QUIZZES to test your knowledge step-by-step
21 VIDEOS, sit back and watch and learn
CHECKLIST – Cyclone Preparation (download)
ARTICLE – Interpret, adjust, prepare: forecasting
TIPS/TRICKS – what we learned to watch for with over 20 years on the water
DISCOUNTED BOOK: Understand Weather – A Mariner’s Guide

Collision Regulations

  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Video presentations taking you through the key elements of lights and shapes
  • Practice quizzes
  • Our personal technique to help you remember the lights/shapes and build on that knowledge

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