Everyone Should Read This – This Will Save Lives!

Recently I wrote an article as the Safety Partner for Pantaenius Yacht Insurance.

It was published in Cruising Helmsman, Afloat, and Boat Gold Coast (those are the few I know about).

My two favourite reviews said,

“EVERYONE should read this!”

“This will save lives!”

Large angry black clouds gather above the sea

You can read the article here “It’s Not a Liferaft!”

Below is a recent letter to the Editor of Boat Gold Coast:

“Congratulations on publishing this article by Jackie Parry. Its been the best real information I have read on the reality of being in a serious storm. I have been a sailor for 50 years and have a yacht masters certificate which I completed on a yacht called “Icebird”. This we did in a Force 10 gale in 40 ft seas and 80 knot winds. Sydney Harbour was closed as the seas were too rough.

The description that Jackie gives is very accurate. It is a frightening experience and its easy to panic and make bad decisions.

The storm preparation tips are fantastic. Survival is preparation. The lesson here is if your boat is afloat then stay with it. A life raft is the last resort. Its not as safe as your boat if its still afloat.

I will copy and keep the article on my boat and read it often and get others to read it as well.

Thank you for this article and I know it will save lives. Thank you to Jackie Parry well written.”

Our courses contain numerous tips and checklists – all just as useful as the storm preparation tips in this one.

Safe sailing!

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