Coastal Navigation Qualification

Navigation doesn’t have to be a mystery. This course is designed to increase your knowledge step-by-step. Each new learning builds on the previous one. With plenty of practice along the way so you remember easily. This will help you gain more confidence and become an active member onboard. These techniques will help keep you become safer on the water and enjoy your boating life.

Our Coastal Navigation course is delivered three ways, to suit everyone:

  1. Learn at your own pace $199 (full navigation course – includes 3 additional workshops: Passage Planning, Weather, and Collision Regulations) – unlimited access for a year.
    Or $179 – Tackle the Navigation section only for now ACCESS NOW!
  2. Learn with us on Zoom (unique system for live chart work!) – $329 (plus assessment)
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  3. Learn with us face to face $399 (plus assessment)
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Join us!

If you’d like to do the complete course with us here in the beautiful Bega Valley area, we have a special price of: $750  
That is 2 full days with 1.5 days of theory (with hands-on practice) and a half day practical assessment.
There will be some preparation work for you to do prior to the course and assignments to be completed. 
Note: The written assessment is completed via Zoom at a later date (or F2F if you’d prefer). To give you time to fully prepare. (Zoom assessment is included in the cost, additional fee for F2F).

Join us as a beginner or if you’d like a refresher. We take you right through all the elements, right up to Set and Drift and Running Fixes – with practice as we go. Our unique system works for everyone, at all levels.

More Information

To achieve this qualification you will need to do a written and practical assessment (the practical can be achieved via video).

Online (via Zoom): $99*
Face-2-face: $125

On the water. Vessel based in the far south NSW coast. Minimum numbers apply $190
Via video/RPL: Send in your video for assessment: $99

  • Unlimited support via phone or email
  • Learning terminology and chart conventions
  • Where on Earth are we? And what does that mean?
  • Time conversions, Speed Distance and Time,
  • Learning all about the chart and chart corrections (notices to mariners)
  • Chart work, chart scale
  • Latitude and longitude, plotting
  • Position fixing (GPS, bearing and distance, direction)
  • Understanding and applying Variation
  • Understanding and applying Deviation
  • Learn how to check your boat’s Deviation
  • Converting True to Compass and Compass to True
  • Finding your position without GPS: 3-bearing fix, deduced reckoning, (estimated position, set and drift)
  • Passage Planning
  • Collision Regulations
  • Introduction into Weather…. And more…
  • Understand chart reliability
  • Identify charts symbols, dangers, soundings, lights etc
  • Understand and apply tidal and current information
  • Relative bearings, Transit bearings, Running Fix, Double the angle on the bow
  • Tides, Find the Depth Under keel Clearance

Special prices for Navigation tools and books, purchase when you enrol.

1) Full colour Navigation Manual, with step by step instructions.
2) Q&A manual, for practice questions and answers that explain how each question is tackled.

Special Price: $39.99 FOR BOTH MANUALS (plus $9.99 delivery)

Chart AUS252: $34.00 (plus $9.99 delivery)
Portland Plotter, Dividers, Pencil Compass: $120 (plus $16 delivery)

To complete the course you will need chart AUS252 and the equipment listed above, you can purchase it from us at a discounted price (when you enrol) or purchase via other sources (you may have all this onboard already!) You will be given options to purchase the equipment when you enrol in the Navigation Course.


20% discount off the theory part for all Pantaenius Customers:

Continuing Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance’s commitment to helping boaters become safe on the water and enjoy their boating lifestyle, they have kindly subsidised 20% off the cost of our Navigation theory course).

  • Learn at your own pace: full Navigation Course Bundle with Weather/Passage Planning & Collision Regulations) $159.20 – unlimited access for a year.
  • Learn with us on Zoom (unique system for live chart work!) – $263.20
  • Learn with us face to face $319.20
  • Navigation only (self-paced): $143.20

*Note: Assessment fees additional costs.

Please note
*You will need a good internet connection, if your connection is lost for more than a few moments (or often) then another date/time will be arranged. You will be given a different assessment. (There are various versions). If the second assessment online fails due to connection issues on the learner’s side (sound and visual), then a face to face assessment will be arranged at our location. SisterShip Training and The Learning Professionals have a back-up internet system. If both should fail, another date/time will be arranged.
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