What are Synoptic Charts?

Synoptic Information The synoptic information is compiled from hundreds of weather observations around Australia. To create a complete picture of the weather around the world, weather observations are taken at agreed times at weather stations worldwide. They are then plotted onto a synoptic chart. They typically range in size from hundreds to thousands of kilometres … Continue reading What are Synoptic Charts?

The Southern Cross – Finding South

southern cross finding south

It’s easy to identify the Southern Cross (aka Constellation Crux) as it’s a compact group of bright stars close together in the form of, well, a cross.  The two pointers (aka Constellation Centaurus) are nearby pointing to the cross (diagram below). So, imagine the line between the two furthest apart stars (in the cross), extend … Continue reading The Southern Cross – Finding South

Demasted – What Would You Do?

Ocean Sailing Preparation - Masterclass with Lisa Blair My heart jack-knifed in my chest as the boat bucked beneath me. I was alone in the frigid Southern Ocean and my boat had just shattered as the mast came crashing down. I was facing the horrible realisation that I might not live past the next five … Continue reading Demasted – What Would You Do?

Subsidised Coastal Navigation Courses

A potential of $200 saving with SisterShip's training! We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance and SisterShip Training. We are both focused on reducing marine incidents and helping cruisers be safer on the water so we've partnered to bring you great value and NO EXCUSE for not … Continue reading Subsidised Coastal Navigation Courses

Fun Nautical Terminology

There is a complete nautical language to learn. There is some charming terminology, here are some of our favourites: Baggy Wrinkle (aka "those fluffy things") Picture the sails filled with wind and the canvas of that sail coming into contact with the standing rigging. That causes friction on the sails as they rub on the … Continue reading Fun Nautical Terminology

Navigation Tool Kit

Safety At Sea means looking after your equipment too! Navigation is an art, not a science and to perform this art well, you need good tools (especially on a moving boat). Nav Kit A navigation kit consists of:- A Portland plotter* Brass dividers Pencil compass Soft pencils Eraser Sharpener Calculator *Parallel rules or Portland plotter … Continue reading Navigation Tool Kit

The Best Navigation Course Available – so they say!

With half a dozen courses under our belts - the testimonials are rolling in. Here's our favourite! “Last week, I completed my five day RYA Day Skipper Practical with EastSail in Sydney. They say it is a prerequisite to have done their ten-week RYA Day Skipper shore-based course but I decided to sign up regardless. … Continue reading The Best Navigation Course Available – so they say!