Do You Understand Storms?

Storm Preparation Guide: Part one If you are heading into a storm, you need to prepare. We’ll be providing checklists and considerations in the coming weeks. Part one of Understanding Storms is about tracking them and avoiding the worst. Weather: you must obtain weather forecasts from different sources if possible. Synoptic charts are important to …

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How to Read a Synoptic Chart

Hot or cold? Remembering that air flows clockwise around Low Pressure systems and anticlockwise around High Pressure systems, a fairly typical summer Australian weather map (below: Image One) shows: North to northwesterly winds over eastern Australia on the western side of a Tasman Sea high. They carry hot, dry air from inland Australia southward over …

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What are Synoptic Charts?

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of What are Synoptic Charts? Synoptic Information The synoptic information is compiled from hundreds of weather observations around Australia. To create a complete picture of the weather around the world, weather observations are taken at agreed times at weather stations worldwide. They are then plotted onto a synoptic chart. They …

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