Carnival Pacific Adventure

Networking Maritime Event Eden – Connecting Women With Trades

It was an early start this morning, which is nothing new. But today I hot-footed it into town to chat with Lisa Markham at South East ABC Radio. There are a few times each decade I have a good idea, and this one is a cracker. I was really excited to be able to announce it on the local ABC radio station. It has also quickly gained support that is super exciting, it is all about a networking maritime event in Eden – Connecting Women With Trades.

Connecting Women With Trades

Connecting Women with Trades program Bega Valley CareerShip

If you are new here, click on Media/Articles in the top menu and have a poke around. There are a few articles on our Connecting Women With Trades Program, funded by the NSW Government and administered by Training Services NSW.


We are near to the end of our second program and are taking Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the third program beginning at the end of November. You can listen to the interview on the radio this morning, to find out all about it. Many thanks to Lisa Markham and Daniel for inviting me into the studio today, thanks ABC South Coast Radio!

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Part of the program is to introduce participants to maritime professionals and begin their networking in this industry. It’s been tough to get all the participants together this time, so I had to be creative. This is where I had a light-bulb moment and decided to get everyone in the room at the same time. One big networking event. And one big networking event needs one big boat!

Carnival Pacific Adventure
Carnival Pacific Adventure

Carnival Australia

During the interview this morning I announced where the event will be held and I am super excited to say that Carnival Australia are fully committed to supporting our event onboard their Cruise Ship Pacific Adventure on the 12th November.

This is not the first time Carnival Australia has rolled out the carpet for women seafarers. And I am pleased to find out that their Senior Executives have a good female/male ratio, it’s something they work on and are proud of. So it is the perfect collaboration.

How do I get an invite?

Well, there has to be some commitment from you. You and I (Jackie) have a quick chat to find out your plans, if you are interested in a maritime career this may well be for you. At the event you will be able to:

*Meet previous participants
*Meet Maritime Professionals
*Find out about the next program and the opportunities available to you


Contact Jackie on 0458 391 660 or  or click here to send us a quick email – this is for women BUT we can have some guys some along as the program also supports industries where there is a skills shortage, PLUS those still at school can apply as well.

Connecting Women with Trades Bega Valley
Connecting Women with Trades Bega Valley

The Program

It runs for about 4 months, fortnightly with a mix of practical and theory. It is fully funded – ie, you do not have to pay anything. The practicals are on our sailboat in Eden. The theory is as practical as we can make it in a class. We pop a liferaft in class as well as in the water, we practice navigation (we make channels in the classroom), and for practicals, we get in the liferaft in the water, fight fires and let off flares – as well as learning about boat systems, boat handling, and putting the navigation theory into practice.

The program is packed – we also have our own online platform, where we can chat and I can support you individually or as a group. On that platform there are additional training videos.

Further Training

I am thrilled to say that from the last two programs, many of the participants are going on to further training and soon in Bega Valley, NSW we will have many trained Coxswains. There is plenty of maritime opportunities coming up in Eden and the surrounding area, so it is a great time to get ahead of the game.

Connecting Women with Trades Bega Valley
Connecting Women with Trades Bega Valley

The accredited training that is part of the program is a core skill set that every person on the water, whatever their level, must have. This means if you go on to further training the cost is reduced and you are already well trained and in front of everyone else!

So don’t delay – get in touch!

Contact Jackie on 0458 391 660 or  or click here to send us a quick email.

How much sea time do I need?
How much sea time do I need?

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