Women who sail Australia

Free Maritime Training for Women

YES!!! We did it!

Free Training

We applied for funding to offer free maritime training for women and we succeeded.


They aren’t easy! They take work and effort – there’s a purpose, there’s reporting, and there is our own contribution. This grant matched one of our purposes to support women. To show that women make great mariners – the effort is worth the pay-off – watching women excel! And we can offer our contribution of expertise and support.

knowledge is power we must learn about our systems

Last Year

This time last year we were successful in funding Women in Trades. It was a highly successful program.

This Year

This year the same program is running, but on steroids, the budget is bulging and SisterShip Training was encouraged to apply again. The program is Introducting Women To Trades, and SisterShip Training is Running the program CAREERSHIP as that is what it is all about – Careers. We have a lot of fabulous support…. stay tuned!!

Success and Celebration in Maritime

We applied and extended our program to match the requirements for MentorShip. It supports mariners, we do this ALL.THE.TIME.  it is why our courses work, and why we are successful. We care, we support. It’s not about making money, it’s about creating safe mariners, confident mariners. It is our purpose, our reason, our passion.

Women Who Sail Australia
Women Who Sail Australia


Our proposal and the 5-month program we proposed was recognised as unique, useful, and exactly what is needed, so we were asked to run it TWICE!

Good For You – free maritime career support

Yes! Good For You. You have two chances to receive:

*Accredited Training
*Non-Accredited Training
*Introduction to maritime professionals
*Career pathways support
*Experience on various vessels
*Webinars with professionals in maritime
*Meeting and support from maritime experts

Unique Boating Training

It IS unique. It is genuine. And it IS what we love doing.

Sign UP for Free Maritime Training and Support

Contact us if you are interested. You will find that we do our best to accommodate your circumstances and make this work.

If you live in the Southern area of NSW, can attend most workshops (we’ll help you where we can), if you are not in school (school leavers don’t be dis-heartened there may be some opportunity for you to come) – and you want to upskill – basically an adult who is interested is most likely accepted – contact us now!

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