Boat licence course reviews NSW

Boat Licencing Course Bega Valley

To operate a boat in NSW, at more than 10 knots (planing speed) it is a legal requirement to have a licence.

Boat Licencing Course Bega Valley provides all you need:

  • What is required to obtain your NSW boat licence?
  • Why do I need a boat licence?
  • What benefits will I receive from holding a valid NSW boat licence?

How do I get my boat licence?

How to get your boat licence (a legal requirement if operating a vessel over 10 knots):

  • pass the boat knowledge test
  • complete the boat licence application form
  • complete the practical log book (we supply the book)
  • Boat licencing Jet Ski Licence South Coast NSW Bega Valley, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden, Brogo

How do I prepare for the Boat Licence Knowledge Test?

Come along and spend a morning with us. We’ll take you through everything you need:
You will be tested on your knowledge of:

  • boating laws
  • regulations
  • navigation rules
  • navigation procedures
  • safety practices
  • emergency procedures

Tips for Taking the Boat Licence Knowledge Test

You can read through the Boating Handbook in preparation, for the boat licencing course in Bega Valley. There is a fair bit to remember as you complete two multi-choice assessments (1) 24/30 and (2) 20/20, yes, that’s right, you must get 100% in the second part of the assessment.
However, we give you all you need on the day, so don’t sweat it if you can’t study prior to our course.

You can see it’s worthwhile spending time with us and giving yourself the best chance to nail this on the first go.

If you are having a bad day you can sit the test straight away. We are there to support you. It’s a boating assessment, not grammar and spelling or neat writing – as trainers, it is up to us to ensure you are proficient on the water, not good at English!

We can help you with each question, reading through it with you, if you’d like. Full support is available, just chat with us about how we can help.

We provide memory aids, and details as to why procedures are carried out a certain way – this helps you to remember and answer the questions.

Boat licencing Jet Ski Licence South Coast NSW Bega Valley, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden, Brogo

The Benefits of a Boat Licence: Safe this Summer
With Boat Licencing Course Bega Valley

It’s not just about a licence, it’s about being safe. You are responsible for everyone in your vessel. On the water, a couple of tiny incidents quickly escalate into a disaster.
Be prepared – with many decades on international waters we are best placed to help you (and we love our job!)

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