Sell Up and Go Sailing

A recent post on FB made me think about how we managed to sell up and go sailing.

Noel and I were both disillusioned with life when we met. To cut a long story short, we decided to reach for freedom by buying a boat and sailing off into the sunset. Which we did… for around 20 years!

We make our own luck. And that’s what we did. We gave up so much to gain a lot more.
Good jobs
Land-based (static) home
The nearness of family
Society (as most know it)
Regular income

What we gained
A life of freedom
Letting go of schedules
No stress*
No one else controlling our lives
Lifelong friends
The entire world as our backyard
A better view of the world
Extraordinary adventure

Of course, it wasn’t all sunsets and dolphins, there were stressful times in storms, dragging anchor, running aground. Fitting out boats (new engines, tanks, plus interior fit-outs), and severe weather. Of course, we missed family and big events, but our global sailing family more than made up for it.

Liveaboard Lifestyle
Here’s where I’ll hand over to Peter Fox who posted this information on his experiences on living aboard.

Quote from Peter Fox – Liveaboard Lifestyle FB page

Hi folks, I hope you all are enjoying life to the full! I am new to the group but live aboard for last 18 years and in the Mediterranean!
For anyone thinking about moving onto the water here are my experiences in making that decision and hope it helps some people:-
I have sailed since being 7! When I was 50 I retired sold up, bought a 45 foot yacht (having spent much time studying):
• what I wanted from life
• what yacht would be best for that life style!
• what design would give me the best for space, ability to sail (especially single handed)
• the sailing area I wanted to enjoy.
• having sailed often earlier in life I opted to obtain various sailing courses!
• Found the boat 2nd hand but ready to sail.
• made a few changes
• studied and learnt much about the weather.
• once I bought the boat (a GibSea 454) I then practised for hours handling her in berthing and under engine in marinas. This has ensured that I live safely and that I have true confidence in living this life style!
• yes there is much work to ensure she is safe and beautiful, but it gives you pride and certainly makes you happy.
• bring your passions with you (whatever your past times are).
My decision was not to try and bite of loads and sail the world! My passions are:
• fun sailing (not white knuckle stuff)
• comfort (so my yacht has many truly comfortable things on board)
• I love history
• I love great weather
• I love fabulous food but simple.
• I love meeting people
So with those things in mind I chose, and still enjoy, sailing the Mediterranean sea; especially the East Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey)
Finally I am still here sailing 18 years on! Yes single handed (suits my lifestyle)
So my advice is plan well, practice much and live a fantastic life style that will give you incredible pleasure and many truly fabulous experiences!!
I know I have done it and still love this intensely….. 😃😃😃😃
And another quote from Lisa Blair (who is currently sailing around Antarctica)
“Just do it because the world is changed by doers!”
You don’t have to try to change the world, but you could change your life!
See what else we get up to here.
Fair Winds,
Jackie and Noel

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