Maritime Working Relationships

While sailing around the world we often received extraordinary help from complete strangers. Now, our professional colleagues offer the same incredible support. Maritime working relationships are important.

Professional Courtesy
A few years back I worked on a boating magazine. Before launch I called other magazine Editors that I had worked with for years, to let them know. My colleagues (at the mag) thought I was ‘mad’ and ‘brave’. I found that odd. To me, it was just common courtesy. Now I just concentrate on training, and my communication skills and transparency are still paying off.

Writing for magazines
Magazines are always looking for good material. Having worked for many magazines, as soon as I write something, I immediately know where it fits. When Noel wrote a recent MOB article, I knew it would slot straight into AFLOAT Magazine. We started writing for AFLOAT, well,  it might be approaching 20 years ago!

Things Change
We also enjoyed writing for Cruising Helmsman and I’m still in contact with the previous two Editors, who did an extraordinary job. We still miss that magazine. We’ve recently hooked up with Marine Business News: Their aim is to share news and information to the recreational marine industry with the view of improving knowledge and supporting the growth and betterment of the industry.

They have published two articles: Unique and Under Utilised Emergency Equipment, and What Are Your Boating Plans?

Both of these publications, AFLOAT and MARINE BUSINESS NEWS are supporting the Emergency Preparedness Workshops. There’s more help along the way, which we’ll write about soon (click here to keep up to date).

Commercial Interest
Our Emergency Preparedness course is aimed at recreational boaters. We’ve recently been contacted by commercial skippers who wish to refresh their skills. They recognise the importance of this workshop, but not only that, they see the value in what we present. We’ve removed most of the work for you. Take a look.


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