These Maritime Course Prices are Nuts!

I have a fantastic team around me. Having the right team makes or breaks a business. From day-to-day support to business mentors, my latest advice came in the form of: These Maritime Course Prices are Nuts!

Why are they such good values?

Just the additional information on the handouts are worth the value of the cost of the ENTIRE course!

Passage Planning $24.99  Details here
Weather $24.99 Details here
Col Regs $14.99 Details here
Navigation $99
Marine Radio $49.99*

Price Increase

So these prices will significantly increase in the New Year. Even then, they will still be fantastic value.

What are you waiting for? Don’t just eat this Christmas, learn, become confident, be safe, and enjoy your cruising lifestyle to the full!

Exciting News

Emergency Preparedness (aka “Last Chance”) is coming in the New Year, we are launching Internationally! Face-to-face workshops, with an introductory offer! Subscribe here to be the first to hear and save your place when announced)

*Marine Radio – the Office Of Maritime Communications is stopping all online assessments, this price is just the online/self-paced course. You will need to find a local invigilator to carry out the assessment until further notice. I am applying for permission to reinstigate online assessments as they work so well and we have assessed participants from all over the world!

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