Australian Navigation Charts

The Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) is phasing out the paper-planning charts (chart indexes) Aus5000 and AUS5001 in 2022, all Australian navigation charts can be viewed here.

It’s a great way to view up-to-date charts, and it makes it easy to view the charts needed for your voyage, assisting with Passage Planning.

The AHO state: The Australian Chart Index Application is a new interactive web-based service which depicts ENC and paper chart boundaries relative to ENC content. Product details for all products (through all scales) at a selected location are discoverable by clicking the map base. These details are updated each fortnightly Notices to Mariners cycle. In contrast, paper chart indexes, Aus5000 and Aus5001, are published annually and are not maintained by Notices to Mariners so content becomes outdated early in the year and does not accurately reflect the latest paper charts in AHO portfolio. With the introduction of the Chart Index Application, paper chart indexes Aus5000 and Aus5001 will be withdrawn from 2022.  However, AHO Distribution Agents may continue to order and sell paper copies of Aus5000 and Aus5001 until they are discontinued.

What I really like

The application is fun to use, with different levels of information. But what I really like is that they are simple, with not too many options to lose yourself in!

Navigation charts AHO
Base Map: Australian Navigation Charts
dark grey canvas Australian Navigation Charts
dark grey canvas Australian Navigation Charts
Australian Navigation Charts - up to date information
Australian Navigation Charts – up to date information and you can easily get more information

The paper-based chart indexes are available until 2022, so I’d recommend familiarising yourself with this new App system soon.

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