Maritime First Aid Course

Our new Maritime First Aid course is coming soon.

Not only do you qualify as a first aider, but we teach you all about handling an emergency at sea.

Sample of topics include:

Equipment used in remote or isolated sites, and what factors affect the choice of use

Management options – casualty transport in remote or isolated settings

Specific considerations to consider when carrying out first aid in a marine environment

Considering: Weather, Location, Sea State, Condition Of Vessel

  • The proximity of shore-based health services/Access to medical facilities
  • Operation within areas served by helicopters
  • The medical training of persons on the vessel
  • Length of voyage
  • Cargoes carried
  • Number of persons on board

Communications aboard (Sat Phone; HF)

The adequacy of the First Aid Kit – Special content found in a remote area first aid kit

ETA to the closest port

The severity of the emergency

Methods can you use to assist emergency services to locate incident sites

Utilising man-made and natural resources to supplement first aid equipment

Psychological impacts of first aid present after an incident on rescuers, who can they seek help from?


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