Maritime Training – Our Why

Why do we train maritime? How are we different?: Maritime Training – Our Why

Is this you?

Many women are thrust from a comfortable, static home and career into a three-dimensionally moving vessel. Their visions of Pina Coladas on the aft deck at sunset are quickly shattered, their confidence shredded.

Me too! I’ve been there.

Maritime Training - Our Why - I knew nothing in the beginning!
Maritime Training – Our Why – I knew nothing in the beginning! I became shy and fearful of my new world.

That’s why customers love our videos, they are personal and ‘show don’t tell’. We transform theory learning into practical, relatable, usable learnings. Our team has sailed around the world 1.5 times and holds a sailing record. Plus, we’ve trained marine police. As a result, all genders appreciate our ‘it’s all about you’ training technique.

Our product will give you a great life, and safety. To do this, we have turned maritime training on its head: from fear to fun. We produce maritime training videos from a different tack.

From our half-built home in a soggy paddock in rural Bega Valley, using brown tape, we secure a phone camera to a mic boom to video my scrubbed hands demonstrating paper chart work.

Training Room Experience

When F2F training abruptly ceased, we recorded practical training videos to provide each learner a ‘training room’ experience.

Interactive, practical videos, (with our roving camera) are possible, by setting tasks and challenges and making ourselves readily available providing full support/discussions/advice.

Our Passage Plan training videos incorporate personal aspirations, and equipment, and fears and concerns.

In conclusion, meaningful training builds confidence, good navigators, safe sailors and thus, turning a new and scary life on the water into an amazing experience, incapsulated in safety. And that creates a great life – all via videos and manuals.

Afterall, buying a boat is just the beginning.


What’s your why?

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