Top Tips for Learning Quickly and Easily

With our Maritime Training Software – you can learn with ease. Here are our top tips for learning quickly and easily.

  1. Once you have enrolled diarise a few hours a week. Put a regular time slot in your diary straight away, this will help you stick to it.
  2. Use good quality headphones, most laptops do not have great speakers
  3. Take the time to read the initial notes. There’s a video below with instructions on how to use the software and notes on each section. You will only need this once – it’s very straightforward.
  4. Mark each lesson complete as you finish and feel confident with the learning. Our software will keep track of your progress
  5. With our specific training software, you have your own online training page, it will
    1. Keep track of where you are
    2. Monitor your progress
    3. Allow you to move around and explore
    4. Keep you motivated by showing your last activity and where you are up to.

We DO NOT just record a face-to-face or Zoom session. Each and every video (hundreds!) has been specifically re-created and recorded with one-on-one, self-paced, at-home learning.

With the software, unique video creation, and our experience with training recreationally and commercially – you will find that this course will make you a great navigator very quickly.

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Don’t forget that we offer full support and more Top Tips for Learning Quickly and Easily will be coming soon.

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