How do I get my Marine Radio Licence?

How do I Get my Marine Radio Licence?

If you have a VHF or a MF/HF radio on board you must have a licence to use it.

What does VHF mean?

VHF is Very High Frequency and is a short range radio. The range is the aerials’ line of sight.

VHF very high frequency radio

What does MF/HF mean?

MF/HF is Medium Frequency and High Frequency, they are long range radios. With a HF/SSB (single side band) radio set up well, the range can be thousands of miles.

MF/HF Radio. This is a high Frequency (and Medium Frequency) radio

Does everyone on board need a radio licence?

As long as one person with a licence is onboard at the time the radio is used, then it can be used by someone without a licence. But if you are onboard and no one else on the boat has a licence, then it is illegal to use the marine radio

Are there other reasons to get my Marine Radio Licence?

Learning the correct procedures in an emergency is imperative. It may not be you in the emergency but you may need to help by relaying messages. The is strict protocol to enable the people in grave and imminent danger to be rescued with every possible chance. Also it is very obvious when someone using the radio has not got their licence!

You must have the best chance at being rescued. And radio increases that chance, as does using it properly and understanding how to get the right help quickly.

What’s the process for getting my Marine Radio Licence?

Sign up for a course, purchase the Handbook, and before attending your course learn the phonetic alphabet. We provide training via Zoom. We don’t just send you more pages to read and hundreds of questions to sit in one sitting. We break it down into sections, with a quiz that follows each section to help you remember what you just learnt. We carry out revision prior to the assessment and then hold the assessment over Zoom as well. The practical aspect is via zoom as well, here’s more information including some audio. It is actually fun, quick, and easy – and you will learn a lot!


Do I need an MMSI number and what is an MMSI number?

The Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a unique nine-digit number that is entered into certain marine radio communications equipment. When using this equipment to send a distress alert, or to indicate some other emergency, the number assists emergency services to identify you and/or your vessel. To use DSC (Digital Selective Calling) you need an MMSI, in Australia, apply for your number with AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority). Read the following for more information
About MMSI
MMSI application form

More questions?

There are more FAQ here (scroll down) and details on the training/licencing we offer. We can train via zoom, but we don’t leave you to it – an instructor will walk you through what you need to know to get your Marine Radio Licence and be safer on the water.

Alternatively, give us a call, or drop us a line here.

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