SisterShip Training is Covid Safe

We want to keep everyone safe and healthy on the water.

Digital registrations are now mandatory for businesses, venues, and events. From immediate effect you will be asked to check in with us via a QR code. If you don’t have a mobile phone, we’ll just take some quick details.

Electronic check-in systems are a fast and precise way to support contact tracing one of the most important tools we have to keep the virus in check and businesses open. The QR code captures our business name and address and your (as the customer) details. Your information is stored for 28 days for the sole purpose of contact tracing and it can be instantly accessed by NSW Health in the event of an outbreak. After 28 days you information will be deleted

In training we are the skippers and we have crew to join us for the day to learn – it’s a team effort, with boating and with Covid. This is a mandatory requirement.

We are Skippers We are Responsible. SisterShip Training has a Covid Risk Plan and Assessment in place.

SisterShip Training is Covid Safe
SisterShip Training is Covid Safe

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