SisterShip Training free maritime training goody bag

Count down to free maritime training program

With just over two weeks to go, we are on the countdown to the start of the free maritime training program!

Location: Twofold Bay Yacht Club, Eden and Bega town for Accredited Training.

Friday 2nd June 2023, fortnightly until 1st September
September – October: online webinars

No entry requirements for the webinars/talks/non-accredited training

Accredited training: you must live/work in NSW (you don’t have to be at work), unfortunately, it doesn’t extend to those at school.

We can offer the accredited training part for those who do not meet the Smart and Skilled (funding) criteria for a fee. Please enquiry directly.

This is predominantly a program for women. However, we have one or two spots for men. Please contact us directly.


What do I bring?
Just yourself. We supply all materials, tools, and Personal Protective Equipment (and goodies!)

SisterShip Training free maritime training goody bag

What qualification do I end up with?

If you complete all the Safety Skills Set accredited training, you will be well on your way to being a General Purpose Hand (still 3-4 units to complete for a full GPH). This will save you time/money if you go on for further training as these units feature in all maritime training.

Non-accredited training. Don’t be put off, this training is based on accredited training and will be a fantastic foundation for future study.



You will be introduced to various professionals in the maritime industry, and be able to attend talks (some face-to-face, some online) to ask questions.



You will meet professionals on webinars and attend useful talks on various topics.

We will experience different vessels and learn about their systems



We pride ourselves on top-class support in everything we do. All members of this program will have access to a private and secure platform for that support as a group or individual.

Please contact me with any questions, we are flexible, friendly, and ready to help you step into the maritime world.

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  1. Jackie I would really like to enroll in the skills and safety course. Steve has put a deposit on a very beautiful catamaran and we are going to Paynesville tomorrow to sail with her to lakes entrance for survey. We plan to stay in the lakes after purchase finalisation to learn skills and establish confidence at the moment I am zero on both counts tho steve has obsessed and absorbed u tube 24/7.I am whirlpooling home,farm and family and new adventure and feel a fortnightly skills course will help me keep me afloat(ha ha in response to staying grounded)I’m looking forward to next weeks course as just one more unknown to tick off thank you 😊

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