Feelings and Emotions – Capture and Release

I’ve always wanted to support youths.

It’s not because I had a hard time growing up. Not at all. I had a fabulous life – all my life. But I did feel those hormones, emotions, feelings, and angst rampaging through my veins.

I needed support and in one way or another, I got it. But what of those who don’t… if I can help just one person, it’s worth trying.


I am privileged to be awarded the funding to support the youths in our region. Bringing together all my passions, sailing, writing, and photography.


I am going to post many images of what we achieved together. I am so, so, so, proud of this group. While having fun they were building resilience, building tools to help them cope. It works for me and I truly hope it works for them. here are some of their photos:


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