Lisa Blair Tracker

It’s a Family Affair with Lisa Blair

We’ve been following Lisa Blair’s tracker with excitement and awe. If you haven’t been watching you are missing out. It’s a huge undertaking and it’s a Family Affair with Lisa Blair.

What is Lisa doing
She is currently hurtling around Antarctica setting a new sailing record – alone!

Lisa Blair Tracker

A Family Affair
Linda Blair (Mum) and Shelly Blair (Sister) are behind the scenes working the blogs and social media. Linda is posting Lisa’s blogs and adding an interesting twist.

When Lisa wrote about her steering wheel coming off… “Within a second it clicked that I was looking at the helm or wheel of the boat just lying on the deck…  Bugger.”
Linda added: “(Note from Mum – That doesn’t sound good….. sounds more like @#$%&! @#$%&! @#$%&! .)

There are other snippets along the way – it’s great fun to hear Mum’s thoughts. Lisa’s down-to-earth and honest blog walks you through her journey step by step, the videos take you right on board.

Lisa Blair Sponsor
Then there are the interviews. As a sponsor and friend, I was thrilled to chat with Lisa as she hurtled towards Cape Horn!

This is a massive project and Lisa is still seeking support. You can purchase a degree, get together with friends and buy one together. There is also great merchandise and of course her book about her first record attempt around Antarctica where she was dismasted.


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