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Maritime Training: What it means to me

Safety. That is really what it means to me.

Getting the message across, helping people to understand that a little bit of investment in time and learning at the beginning has exponential rewards. Maritime Training: What it means to me.

So when I receive gifts and reviews it means more than recognition, it means I am doing the right thing, what I do works. I’ve got it right. The hours, days, weeks, months, years of agonising, re-recording, wondering, stressing, pacing the floor, grinding my teeth… doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve done what I have set out to do.

“Thanks for having our back this 1st season. You’ve been an excellent mentor. This is a small token for all the advice and support you’ve provided along the way – we’re grateful for your teachings. Love from….”

this was our gift
this was our gift

and the same day…

Gaye and I completed Jackie’s Sister Ship Passage Planning Course about 6 months ago. We have a few thousand nautical miles on our boat now and can say that the course was fantastic! It burrows into the details and builds a strong foundation that supports the final development of a passage plan. The comprehension builds confidence.

Recently in a group discussion with other cruisers about passage planning, we were intrigued that some boaties were using a software-driven passage plan done on their iPhones. Set a beginning and finishing point and within seconds the phone has drawn some pretty lines. While we all arrived at the same destination, we were somewhat surprised. What about the weather, tides, currents, safety ports, bar crossings, radio reporting, boat preparation and crewing etc? The iPhone provided none of these considerations.

Yes! The course is more work, and is far more challenging than pressing a few buttons on a screen, but, the results are robust and valuable. You are left with a confident passage plan that provides safety for your vessel and crew. Thanks, Jackie.
Clint Jennings – WildFire

Safety - enjoying your time on the water, that's what is important.
Safety – enjoying your time on the water, that’s what is important.

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