Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Women’s participation in business is in the spotlight this week with November 19 marking Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Happy women’s entrepreneurship day.

The global day aims to recognise and support women in business, who continue to be underrepresented as founders.

I wish all women – Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Actually, I wish everyone who is an entrepreneur a happy day.

What is Entrepreneurship?

This article by Ross Simmons sums it up well, and I love some of the descriptions.

being an entrepreneur
being an entrepreneur – image by Ross Simmons


My Husband’s Thought on Entrepreneurship

“All women entrepreneurs should be given a million-dollar grant, and all of their partners should receive an award!”
I agree, mostly about the partners receiving an award, I couldn’t have done this without Noel.

Entrepreneur Traits

Here are some traits (from Ross Simmons’s article that are my favourites) that all entrepreneurs have

  • You are weird
  • You seek out advisors and feedback
multi skills of an entrepreneur
The multi-skills of an entrepreneur….   they are very tired!! 

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