Sailing: Isle de Cocos, Costa Rica

Living onboard / Sailing podcasts are a relatively new production for us. We are experimenting with how we showcase them. Here’s our latest: Sailing: Isle de Cocos, Costa Rica.

This one has subtitles and pictures. We’d love to know what you think:  Sailing: Isle de Cocos, Costa Rica.

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If you prefer to read the story, click here.

Here’s an excerpt:

With nothing more to worry about than craving succulent roast chicken and gooey ice cream, we sliced through the ocean, enjoying the stuff dreams are made of. The concerns of motoring much of the way temporarily held at bay. Leaving Acapulco, Mexico for Isle de Cocos we were blessed with perfect sailing for four whole days.

The thirty knot easterly had been concealed from forecasts. Ignoring our plaintiff cries of “that’s not fair”, the wind inevitably clocked around to the south. Pounding into building seas, the tension caused some serious vertical creases to drop down from my eyebrows.

To continue reading click here, or listen to just the audio podcast (no subtitles) is here.

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