Facing Fear Head On

Fear is an emotion experienced by everyone around the world, but how do you face fear head on?

Fear arises with the threat of harm; whether either physical, emotional, or psychological, real or imagined. Some view it as a negative emotion, but I think it can be a healthy feeling if you can harness it and face it head on. It’s also important to keep us safe, sending adrenaline thrumming through our veins to cope with potential danger.

A new level of Facing Fear Head On

There are some, amongst us, that have faced fear head on in extraordinary circumstances. They have survived and then they return back to the very same situation to say, ‘yeah, well, here I am again, you can’t beat me!”  That is truly facing fear head on.

Lisa Blair

It’s the formidable Lisa Blair I speak of. I am proud to say that over the years Lisa has become a friend. I admired her spirit and tenacity before we became friends. I’ve seen, first hand, just how hard she works, how smart she is, and how fearless as we set a sailing record together: details here.

Lisa Blair Facing Fear
Lisa Blair Facing Fear


What is Lisa Blair up to?

Straight from her press release: Well-known sailor Lisa Blair has partnered with Clean Ocean Foundation to deliver a fantastic marketing opportunity which would directly link your business to a project which has climate scientists around the world excited.

Lisa, and her yacht Climate Action Now, are setting off in December 2021 to secure her fourth world record as the fastest person to sail solo, nonstop and unassisted around Antarctica below 45 degrees. This has presented an opportunity to collect scientific data on ocean health, deploy weather drifter buoys and collect microplastic samples in the most remote oceans of Antarctica. Few ships travel these areas and minimal data currently exists.

Read that again….  setting off in December 2021 to secure her fourth world record as the fastest person to sail solo, nonstop and unassisted around Antarctica below 45 degrees.

Proud Sponsor

SisterShip is a proud sponsor. As soon as I read the marketing opportunity, linked to an extraordinary woman with a fantastic cause, I had no hesitation. I urge you to Click here to read the details. Why not club together with friends and become part of this amazing feat.

Lisa Blair facing fear head on
Climate Action and Science Research

There are important messages here: Climate Action Now (name of the vessel and wonderful work Lisa is doing in this area. And during this voyage Lisa will complete valuable citizen science research for ocean health and microplastics.
Climate Action Now Message

Lisa Blair Facing Fear

More details

Logo displayed on Lisa’s website under 360-degree sponsors. You can use your own business or name, nominate a business, or dedicate the degree as a gift to someone else.

Acknowledgment through social media.

Assigned a degree for the trip (you are welcome to request a degree that has a meaning to you and Lisa will do her best to accommodate your request).

Acknowledged through Lisa’s blog when she traverses your degree of her record.

Supplied a media pack of photos and videos for the promotion of your sponsorship.

Supplied a certificate of appreciation with a framed image of Lisa’s yacht Climate Action Now under sail.

Receive a signed copy of Lisa’s book titled ‘Facing Fear’ (posted with certificate).

Benefit from a tax deduction for your sponsorship through my partnership with the Clean Ocean Foundation based in Melbourne.

Best of all, you are signing on to support an Aussie adventurer to generate real data for our climate and marine scientist community. Support our future!…..    there are many more benefits… ensure you click here to have a look.

My Facing Fear Head On Episode!

Fear is a Funny Thing!

If you are not in a position to help Lisa, please share and help her raise awareness. Believe me, she works incredibly hard to pull this together.

Read Lisa’s book here (it’s rather good!)

Lisa Blair Facing Fear Head On

What else do we get up to? click here to find out.

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